Healthwatch Salford

Healthwatch Salford logoHealthwatch Salford’s mission is to encourage local people, including those who are most vulnerable and marginalised, to get the best out of health and social care by getting involved in shaping services.

The CCG has been part of the Healthwatch implementation via a joint stakeholder group. We have also supported the Integrated Engagement Board, where local citizen representatives have been able to engage with commissioners from health and social care around national policies, commissioned services and, in particular, the work of the Health and Wellbeing Board and integrated working.

During the last year, Healthwatch Salford has supported development of a training and support programme to empower and support people in Forest Bank prison to share their views on health and social care services. This is planned to be delivered in 2015 and will be co-facilitated by a member of the CCG Development Worker team.

We are also working with Healthwatch Salford to look at how accessible information about health and social care is to the general public and help them make informed choices about their care and treatment.

You can read more about Healthwatch Salford here