Holding providers to account for engagement

The CCG makes sure that health care providers also engage with the public to shape services and check quality.  This includes local hospitals, GPs, children’s healthcare, community and mental health services.

The CCG does this by;

  • Written engagement update reports which are reviewed for assurance by the CCG’s strategy groups - Engagement, Inclusion and Management Group (provided quarterly)
  • Regular patient engagement meetings with Salford Royal’s Deputy Trust Secretary to scope and discuss plans for upcoming engagement opportunities
  • ‘Patient Engagement’ as a hot topic at Salford Royal’s regular Quality and Outcomes Meetings (provided annually), where the Trust are asked to give a presentation an in-depth summary of their engagement over the previous year to the group for quality assurance
  • Patient engagement questions being included in the discussion topics at all Provider Quality Assurance visits (undertaken quarterly), where CCG leads visit providers to speak to managers, staff and patients face to face and on-site about how services are delivered
  • Providers invited to attend each of our Patient Panel events to engage attendees on changes to the organisations or services (three times per year)
  • Including requirements for patient experience monitoring, engagement and equality and diversity in provider contracts.  Responses are monitored by the experience, engagement and inclusion team.
  • Including requirements for engagement and inclusion of vulnerable groups in the Salford Standard for GPs.  Responses are monitored by the engagement and inclusion team.
  • Carrying out Mystery Shopper exercises in partnership with Salford Healthwatch