Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

Salford is the first city in Greater Manchester to develop an MOU with the voluntary sector which sets out how we will work together to involve, engage and communicate with the VCSE.

This includes a commitment to involving the VCSE in decision making with a seat on Salford Together’s Integrated Care Advisory Board for Salford CVS.

The MOU also describes how we will communicate with the voluntary sector to ensure we are accountable and transparent and involve them in decision making.  One of the ways we do this is to include representation from the VCSE sector at Citizen Panel Events to ensure their voice is heard.  We also carry out engagement with Salford CVS Vocal forum which represents the wider voluntary sector across Salford. 

Memorandum of Understanding


When we carry out engagement, we understand that to reach some of the most vulnerable communities we need to involve those who are known and trusted and have the right level of knowledge to understand the issues. To do this, we work with the voluntary and third sector on specific projects.

For example, the Deaf community told us that we need to improve information for Deaf service users. We are working with Salford Healthwatch to develop a group of Deaf Community Broadcasters who will decide what information is needed and be trained to develop their own health and prevention videos to share with communities.

Our BAME (Black, Asian, minority ethnic) Ambassadors told us that mental health is a key priority in their communities and more needs to be done to recognise the signs and symptoms and support people to get better. We are working with Result CIC (voluntary sector organisation run by people with lived experience) to develop a group of BAME mental health ambassadors.

Co-production projects

Projects we have worked on with the voluntary sector include:

Silent Voices - Deaf Community Broadcasters (in partnership with Salford Healthwatch)

BAME Mental Health Champions (in partnership with Result CIC)

Poverty Truth Commission (in partnership with Church Action on Poverty)

Young People's Mental Health (in partnership with 42nd street mental health)

Salford Locality Plan

Salford CCG also works with health and care partners to develop and deliver Salford’s Locality Plan (Start Well, Live Well, Age Well).  

The CCG has developed three working groups to take forward prevention initiatives to improve the health and wellbeing of the workforce and local citizens.  Examples are described below;

Start Well

We have worked with Salford City Council, local schools and the voluntary sector to develop a support package for schools to help children with the transition from primary to secondary school.  This includes a training pack and video.  

Salford City Council’s health improvement team have supported the Sugar Smart initiative by taking important messages about prevention and self-care to the Crucial Crew interactive educational sessions for all primary school year 6 pupils.

We have worked with partners across Salford to produce a Sugar Smart Brownie Badge.  This is the first in the country.

Live Well

All Live Well communications and engagement work is focusing on making best use of the national One You campaign and then working out the best way to deliver the messages to the general adult population in Salford using the resources we have in place. The majority of efforts this year will be towards staff from within the locality partnership, as many are Salford residents.

Our first Live Well piece of work was a Workforce Walking Challenge in August 2017 where staff from the locality partnership clocked up 417 miles collectively over the newly established Salford Trail.

In October 2017 and 2018, we delivered a wellbeing festival for Salford CCG and Salford City Council staff.  This included bite size sessions of mental health and wellbeing activities for staff to take part in over a two week period.

Age Well

Working with partners from Salford Royal Foundation Trust, City Council and the VCSE sector we have developed and rolled out a falls campaign aimed at identifying those at risk of falls and signposting to help and support.

We are currently working on a campaign to reduce vascular dementia in partnership with the city council and the Dementia Champions (citizen group).  This will be rolled out in April 2019.