Your Voice, Your Choice

Salford CCG's Citizen Panel has more than 3,000 members representing people who live, work and use services in Salford. The panel provides a way for us to keep you informed of new developments and information for health and social care. It also helps us to gather views from a representative section of our community to understand your needs and experiences when planning and improving healthcare. Anyone can become a member.

If you chose to be a member you will:

  • Receive a regular newsletter with news and information about health and social care
  • Be invited to take part in focus groups or panel meetings (this is voluntary)
  • Be asked to complete surveys from time to time
  • Be asked your views on a range of topics you are interested in Citizen Panel meetings take part twice a year in March and October. There are normally between 60 and 80 who attend and members have the chance to get to know each other, take part in debates about key issues and hear more about important developments in Salford.
Click here to join Salford's Citizen Panel