You’re the experts – so get involved!

You are the expert on your health. That is why Salford CCG is committed to putting the voice of our patients and public at the heart of what we do.

Listening to patients and acting on their feedback when it comes to all our decision making and evaluation of health services, is critical in helping us to continually improve services.  We need to make sure the health services provided in Salford meet the needs of the people who live here, which is why public and patient involvement is so important.

In our role as GPs, we listen to our patients every day and hear about your experiences of the services in our area. We will use this face-to-face opportunity to the maximum when developing and commissioning services.

As a CCG, we speak with patients and the public on a regular basis - both formally and informally. We use a variety of ways to talk to the communities we serve, making sure that everyone has the opportunity to take part. This may be through our Citizen Panel, focus groups, surveys and questionnaires or face-to-face consultations.

We regularly review citizen panel members to ensure they represent Salford’s diverse community. When new people join, and at our meetings, we ask people to provide information about their background to help us do this.  

Our principles towards engagement 

Citizens helped us develop the following principles at the Citizen Panel Event in July 2019.  These principles help us to ensure we are involving communities in the right way and that all engagement processes:

  • make a difference (not tokenistic)
  • are transparent and are delivered with integrity
  • involve the right number of participants, are fit for purpose and are tailored to their needs
  • are an integral part of the mainstream commissioning and planning process
  • are owned by all CCG stakeholders
  • make clear from the start what can and cannot be influenced and how the results will be used and what feedback will be given
  • involve people at the earliest stages in the planning, not just consulting them once decisions are made
  • appreciate that people/communities may wish to engage at different levels (some may not wish to become fully involved)
  • involve participants being kept informed of what changes occurred as a result of their input. (you said, we did)
  • ensure evaluation, monitoring and feedback are built into plans at the outset.

Support to get involved

The CCG and Salford City Council joint engagement team provide support for citizens who would like to get involved but need help with certain things.  For example, we have a specialist who produces documents in easy read formats or we can produce information in different languages or large print etc.

We can also provide individual support plans.

When we hold events we provide support for those who need communication aids, such as BSL interpreters.  We can also help with transport to and from events.

For citizens who are involved in procurement processes (choosing providers for services), we provide full training and support.

The Engagement Team can help with any other support needs you might have.  For further information, contact

Annual Engagement Reports

Every year, we produce an annual report which explains how we have involved the public in our work and how their feedback has shaped how we do things for the people of Salford. All reports dating back to 2013/14 are available here. Below is a film explaining our achievements during 2018/19.

If you are interested in becoming a member of your local NHS hospital then you can find out how to do so by visiting their websites:

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust