Salford Community and Voluntary Services logoThe CCG works in partnership with Salford CVS to shape a community-focused grants and investment programme aimed at addressing health inequalities across the city. This is known as the Third Sector Fund.  During 2020/21 this programme played a major part in supporting the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector’s (VCSE) response to the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing recovery.

With the VCSE sector facing reduced income and increased demand, the Third Sector Fund has provided a financial lifeline for organisations providing food, mental health and wellbeing support and activities for children and young people during the three lockdowns and wider COVID-19 restrictions.

2020/21 was the first year of a 5-year, £5m agreement with Salford CVS as part of the CCG’s ongoing commitment to support communities address the wider determinants of health as described in the Salford Locality Plan.

Since being established in 2014, the Third Sector Fund has supported a wide range of community groups, charities, community interest companies, co-ops and schools representing the city’s diverse communities.

The main aim of the Third Sector Fund is to enable voluntary organisations, community groups social enterprises and primary schools across all parts of the city (by neighbourhood and also in terms of communities of identity) with a small investment, to help them address some of the key health priorities in Salford.

Start Well, Live Well, Age Well is the name of Salford's Locality Plan and is the ‘blueprint’ for Salford’s health and social care. It explains how the CCG and other NHS providers and commissioners; Salford City Council and voluntary and community sector will build on what is already in place so services work better and cost less.

START WELL: Ensure all children have the best start in life and continue to develop well during their early years
LIVE WELL: Local residents achieve and maintain a sense of wellbeing by leading a healthy lifestyle supported by resilient communities
AGE WELL: All local residents can access quality health and social care and use it appropriately

An independent evaluation into the Third Sector Fund grants programme, undertaken by CLES of the financial year 2018/19, demonstrated a whopping return on investment of £1: £17.74 Read the full report.

Dr Tom Tasker, chair of NHS Salford CCG said: "NHS Salford CCG are pleased to be able to continue with our significant investment in Salford’s voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector. The sector makes a significant contribution to addressing local health and wellbeing needs, supporting individuals, families and communities. The main aim of the Third Sector Fund is to enable Salford CVS to use their position in the city to reach voluntary organisations, community groups and social enterprises across Salford. The fund provides access to investment opportunities, to support localised activity and help address some of the key health priorities in Salford supporting delivery of the locality plan. In addition to this the programme will support the sector in developing responses that encourage individuals to start to think about their health differently, encouraging individuals and communities to consider how we can all build wellbeing into our daily lives.”

Alison Page, Chief Executive of Salford CVS, added: “We are pleased to be working in partnership once again with NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group to ensure this significant investment reaches across the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in Salford. The commitment shown by the CCG to our sector is unparalleled in GM and we appreciate their faith in Salford CVS as their chosen delivery partner. Once again they have recognised the value of investing in community and grass roots activity in order to help meet the wellbeing and health needs of Salford citizens.”


Salford CVS hosted an event on Monday, September 9, 2019 to celebrate the success of projects which received money via the Third Sector Fund. The fund has allowed many different organisations to develop projects that aim to improve the health and wellbeing of people living in Salford. As part of the event, a film called #SalfordStories was created to show the positive impact the projects are having on the city. Salford Stories is available to watch below:

Further details of how to apply to the various funding streams will be announced on the Salford CVS website.

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