What is Salford Together?

Salford together's Integrated Care System graphicTo help make patient care more joined up for the people of Salford, health and social care leaders from across the city are working together more closely to create a more effective INTEGRATED CARE SYSTEM (ICS).

Within this system, many new ways of delivering health and social care services are being rolled out. Some examples include setting up multi-disciplinary groups, establishing a Centre for Contact, and delivering health coaching. These examples, along with several others, are collectively known as the INTEGRATED CARE PROGRAMME (ICP). The ICP is branded to the public as ‘SALFORD TOGETHER’ .

At first, the ICP only focused on improving health and social care services for older people. Now it is looking at improving health and social care services for Salford’s entire adult population.

Salford Together logoThe key focus within the ICS over the last year has been to bring together all of Salford's health and social care services so that they are co-ordinated in one place. This is called the INTEGRATED CARE ORGANISATION (ICO) and it launched on 01 July 2016.

The next key focus within the ICS is to create another new organisation where all of Salford’s GPs can work more collaboratively with local health and social care partners to create a single, more coordinated approach to providing general medical services. This organisation will be called SALFORD PRIMARY CARE TOGETHER (SPCT)

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