If you have a severe mental illness, you are at a higher risk of having poor physical health and a shorter life expectancy. The medication you take for your mental health can impact on your physical health and can have side effects like weight gain.

What you should expect from your GP practice:

  • If you are on the SMI register, you will have an annual physical health check
  • If you do not attend your appointment for your physical health check, your GP practice will be expected to assertively follow up non-attendance
  • If you are on atypical antipsychotic medication, your physical health will be checked by secondary care mental health services for your first six weeks of treatment, before being transferred to primary care 
  • Your GP practice will be in contact with secondary care (ideally your care co-ordinator) if you do not attend your physical health check and if any abnormalities are detected which mental health services should be made aware of e.g. hyperprolactinaemia, diabetes, high blood pressure etc

Last reviewed March 2018.