What do we mean by 'proactive care'?

This is about our GP practices working with other partners in health and social care to identify the people in Salford who would benefit from a multidiscplinary approach to their care.

Neighbourhood Multidisciplinary Groups (MDG) are in place to bring together different types of health workers - like GPs, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists - to talk about the best way to care for people who have been identified as most at risk. There are two MDGs in each of Salford's neighbourhood, which all GP practices are invited to attend.

What you should expect from your GP practice:

  • If there is a multi-disciplinary group (MDG) meeting, your practice must prepare in advance any information that will be needed
  • Representatives from your practice must attend the fortnightly MDG meeting
  • Your practice must complete any actions assigned to them from the MDG meeting
  • If the person from your GP practice is assigned as your care co-ordinator, they will be responsible for making sure your care plan is delivered
  • If there are any updates to your care plan, your care co-ordinator should make sure you and the other people involved in your care are made aware of the changes

Last updated March 2018.