What do we mean by 'holistic care'?

Holistic care is about treating the whole of something or someone and not just a part. Instead of looking at separate long term conditions and treating them separately, it means looking at how the long term conditions might affect one another and treating the patient rather than the condition.

What you should expect from your GP practice:

  • You are encouraged to take the lead in managing your long term condition/s
  • You will have an annual review appointment to see how you are managing your condition/s
  • All advice, referrals, agreed actions etc from your appointment/s will be on your medical record
  • Your GP will use the Patient and Practice Agreement to help you understand how you can best manage your health condition
  • All clinical staff from your GP practice will attend compulsory and optional training sessions
  • Your GP practice will make use of local and national campaign materials, like posters and leaflets, to raise awareness of people can prevent and/or live with a long term condition/s

Last reviewed March 2018.