Why is research so important in the NHS? 

In a nutshell, today's research is tomorrow's care.  Research can answer the unknown, fill in the gaps and continue to improve the way you are treated should you ever need medical care.

Everyone being looked after by the NHS is benefitting from the research that has already happened, and our children, grandchildren and future generations will continue to benefit from the research that is taking place today.

Research in Salford

Salford CCG and Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust have an integrated research department based at Salford Royal in partnership with Manchester University.  Salford CCG is one of the partners and stakeholders in the research organisations that have signed up to Health Innovation Manchester (HInM) and continue to be the lead CCG for research activity in primary care in Greater Manchester. This provides a platform for all organisations involved in research and innovation across Greater Manchester to work together to support the transformation of health and care services. Salford is also home to Haelo, whose core purpose is to provide an innovation hub for Salford partners (CCG, City Council, Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust, University of Salford and Salford Royal) to improve health and care services delivered to the Salford population.

Download Salford CCG's Innovation and Research Strategy

Salford CCG developed Research Fellow roles as part of our strategic ambitions outlined in the CCG innovation and research strategy and workforce strategy to develop future career opportunities of our primary care workforce. The programme allowed GPs to undertake research part time whilst enabling them to further enhance their professional portfolio by gaining ‘hands on’ research experience and driving evidence based practice in commissioning.

As part of the delivery, 4 clinical fellows engaged with local partners SPCT, Haelo, AquA and the University of Manchester in partnership with Salford CCG.  For further information on their experience and projects please see below.