What is Salford's Locality Plan?

Salford's Locality Plan and is the ‘blueprint’ for our health and social care. It explains how the CCG and other NHS providers and commissioners; Salford City Council and voluntary and community sector will build on what is already in place so services work better and cost less. 

Our vision is for Salford to be a place where everyone can enjoy the best opportunities that Salford has to offer.

People in Salford will get the best start in life, will go on to have a fulfilling and productive adulthood, will be able to manage their health well into their older age and die in a dignified manner in a setting of their choosing.

People across Salford will experience health on a parallel with the current ‘best’ in Greater Manchester, and the gaps between communities will be narrower than they have ever been before.

We first launched our Locality Plan in 2016.  In 2020, we have refreshed our Locality Plan, looking back on what we have achieved so far but also addressing where there is more work we need to do.

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