What is innovation?

When we refer to 'innovation', we're talking about new ideas, products or services that are either new to the NHS - or applied in a way that is new to the NHS - and make a big difference to the quality of health and care of the people of Salford. 

The scale of transformation necessary to deliver the ambition outlined within Salford Locality Plan is a considerable challenge that needs widespread innovation, better use of technology and a commitment to research.

Our existing partnerships, our relationships with academic organisations and, most importantly, our integrated IM&T system, means that Salford is uniquely placed within Greater Manchester to be a test bed for innovation and research.

How we do innovation in Salford

In Salford, we have an Innovation Fund. We use the Innovation Fund to test new ideas and innovative ways of working across primary care, the community and voluntary sector as well in partnership with our providers.

Innovation Fund process.JPGDuring the year, the CCG announces an "innovation call" where we invite applications for funding new products, ideas or services. The applications go through a shortlisting process, including a 'marketplace' where bidders can talk through their application with stakeholders, and a 'dragon's den'-style panel, where shortlisted applicants are invited for more in-depth interview on their application.

The successful applicants are granted funding to pilot their project, with regular updates given to the CCG's Innovation and Research Overview Group (IROG).

To date (2018/19), we have received over 460 applications and funded 275 schemes. In total, the CCG's investment in innovation  is more than £6.6 million since 2013.

You can learn more through Salford CCG's Innovation and Research Strategy below.

Download Salford CCG's Innovation and Research Strategy