In February 2015, the 37 NHS organisations and local authorities in Greater Manchester (including Salford CCG) signed a landmark agreement with the Government to take charge of health and social care spending and decisions in our city region.

The scope of the agreement includes the entire health and social care system in Greater Manchester, including adult, primary and social care, mental health, community services and public health. The second part of the agreement provides a framework for strategies around governance and regulation, resources and finances, the property estate, health education, workforce and information sharing, and systems being brought together.

Integrated care in Greater Manchester will focus more on preventative work in the community – putting plans in place to keep people well and as independent as possible. For example, people with long-term conditions like asthma or heart conditions will be treated by specialists in the community as much as possible, only going to hospital when necessary.

There will be no reorganisation of the NHS or its principles. Greater Manchester will stay firmly within the NHS and social care system, uphold the standards set out in national guidance and continue to meet statutory duties including those of the NHS Constitution and Mandate and those that underpin the delivery of social care and public health services.

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