Safety and Experience

There are two standards within the Safety and Experience domain. The aim is to reduce the variation between practices so, no matter which GP practice you go to in Salford, you know your GP is doing things in the best way. To read more about what standards you should expect on safety and experience, please select from the menu on the left. 

Patient safety - learning from events

All types of events/incidents offer an important opportunity for reflection and learning. More often than not, events/incidents highlight areas which, when appropriate actions are put in place, can improve the quality, safety and experience for patients, carers and staff. Events/incidents can also demonstrate good practice. 

What to expect from your GP practice:


  • Health professionals must be open and honest with patients when things go wrong. This is known as the ‘duty of candour’

  • Your practice must report, manage and handle events/incidents using a web-based software system

  • All staff should know what an event/incident is and how to prioritise

  • Practices should keep evidence of events/incidents like personal testimonies, written records and other healthcare documentation

  • If there is an event/incident, all members of the practice (if appropriate) should be told about it to help identify how it happened, how things could have been done differently to stop it from happening again

  • If changes are made, they should be monitored to make sure they are working

  • Practices must always report:

    • Suicides

    • Requests for coroners statements

    • Death in practice premises

Patient experience

Getting feedback from our patients on what they think about their healthcare in Salford is vital to making sure their voice is at the heart of how the CCG plans services.          

What to expect from your GP practice:

  • Have a Patient Participation Group (PPG) at your practice which meets regularly

  • Make sure the group’s voice is heard and your feedback and comments are used to make services better

  • Your practice should have action plans in place based on the themes that come from patients’ feedback to keep improving services for patients 

  • Your practice should be able to show how they are acting on feedback and learning from the PPG 


Last updated November 2017.