Carers are people who care for a family member, a friend or another person in need of assistance or support with daily living. They include those caring for the frail aged, people living with long-term medical conditions, people with a mental illness, people with a disability and those receiving palliative care.

Some carers do not call themselves carers but see themselves as wife or husband, mother or father, partner, grandparent, child, friend or neighbour. There can be multiple carers who care as part of a family or community network. At times, because of the nature of the illness, a carer may not be recognised as a carer by the person he or she is providing care to.

If you have any queries please contact Caroline Allport, tel: 07841 685639.

Salford Council and Clinical Commissioning Group are working with carers to gain their views so they can develop a new Carers strategy which will provide guidance from carers and develop a framework to build on previous achievements. View the Salford City Council's 'support for carers' page.

In Salford there has been a Carers Strategy covering the period 2013 - 16, and a refresh in 2016/17 which has enabled the Commissioner responsible for carers services to plan ahead to ensure the right services are being delivered.

We have now developed the strategy for 2019 – 2024, which is available here.

Read the results of the Carers Strategy Consultation Report 2017

Appendix 2 Carers Survey results

Appendix 3 Carers Consultation questionnaire evidence

A new website, called Digital Resource for Carers, has been launched to help carers understand their rights, the support available to them and how to look after themselves while caring for someone.

The Digital Resource for Carers includes guides to caring, information on carers rights and where to go for financial or practical help, how to be an advocate on behalf of the person you’re caring for and information on both local and national technology, products and services to help with caring.

It also has e learning courses to help carers take care of themselves through healthy eating, and building support networks and an app to help carers who share the role to message each other and manage tasks, medication and calendars.

To find out more about the Digital Resource for Carers visit and create a new account by using code DGTL3329.

Please see attached information support for carers.

Vaccinations for unpaid and informal carers

We are now able to offer an opportunity for unpaid and informal carers to be vaccinated against Covid-19 as part of the National Vaccination programme.

Who is eligible?

Anyone aged 16+ who cares, unwaged for a friend or family member, loved one, who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without their support.

Who is not eligible?

If you are not an unpaid or informal carer you will need to wait until you are invited by the NHS.

There are also some general exclusions to the vaccination programme:

Individuals who:

  • are pregnant
  • are suffering from acute severe febrile (fever) illness 
  • are participating in a clinical trial of COVID-19 vaccines
  • have received a dose of COVID-19 vaccine in the preceding 28 days
  • have completed a course of COVID-19 vaccination

How this works?

Salford CVS are registering carers on behalf of NHS Salford CCG

  1. Please register for your vaccination here

  2. Once you have registered you will be contacted by the NHS booking team via text, phone or letter to arrange the appointment

Please note your details will be used to invite you for your vaccination and to monitor the number of people vaccinated across Salford.

Further Information on the COVID-19 Vaccine can be found here

Additional Support

If you require assistance to register, please contact Gaddum by emailing or calling 0161 834 6069.