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Do you have a hospital or clinic appointment?

Do you need ambulance transport because of a medical or physical condition?

You may be eligible to use the Patient Transport service.



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Our Patient Transport Services (PTS) is here to help patients who live in Greater Manchester to get to and from non-emergency medical appointments. We want to make sure those need it have access to it.

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The Patient Transport Service (PTS) in Greater Manchester is provided by the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS).

You may be eligible for the Patient Transport Service (PTS) if you have a medical or clinical condition which could stop you getting to your appointment by any other means.

You will be asked some simple questions to check if you are eligible. In Greater Manchester, you will be asked additional eligibility criteria questions, these will help NWAS provide the most appropriate transport to meet your needs and not restrict your access to PTS.

To book transport, please contact the local transport booking centre:

Salford & Stockport

Tel: 0800 092 4020
Tel: 0161 947 0770
Hours: Mon – Fri
8:00am – 6:00pm

When you telephone, you will need your NHS number, which you can get from your GP or clinic. Please tell the booking centre about your mobility; if you need someone to accompany you due to a specific need, together with any other requirements you may have to make sure the right type of transport is booked for you.

If you would like a text message reminder three days before your journey, or would like to be told when the ambulance is on its way to you, please speak to the booking centre about this.

If you require transport for any subsequent follow up appointments, it is normally the clinic that will arrange this. There are some booking centres who do this on behalf of the hospitals and clinics. Ask the booking centre for details of the arrangements in your local area.

The Patient Transport Service will try to make sure you are taken the most direct route to the hospital, reducing the time you will travel on NWAS vehicles.

  • The PTS will try their best to make sure you arrive at your appointment early (up to 60 minutes) or on time. Not all the patients on the ambulance will have the same appointment time as you so don’t worry if you are a little late, clinics are flexible where possible.
  • After your appointment, you will be collected as soon as possible. You may have to wait a while for other patients to finish their appointments and then you can all travel together

  • Your calls will be answered within 20 seconds
  • We aim to keep your journey time to no longer than 60 minutes
  • On most occasions you can expect to arrive no more than 60 minutes before your appointment time
  • When we are told you are ready, we will aim to collect you within 60 to 90 minutes.

There are a number of services in place to support patients in getting to such appointments if they do not have their own transport. Along with the Patient Transport Service, there is also:

  • Being There, a charity with a network of trained volunteers who provide emotional support and practical help for people living with or affected by cancer – including transport to hospital appointments. 
  • Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS), which allows people to reclaim travel costs, if eligible.
  • Travel vouchers, for people who are not able to use ordinary buses and who have serious walking difficulties or are registered blind. They can be used to pay for taxis, private hire vehicles and for travel on accessible bus services such as Ring and Ride and community transport.