Your GP or the mental health practitioner you speak with will refer you to the best place to get support. This could include:

  • Self Help - There are some things you can do yourself to try and solve your own problems without seeking advice from professionals or other people.
  • Talking therapies - Talking about your thoughts and feelings can help you deal with times when you feel troubled about something. Talking therapies can help you work out how to deal with negative thoughts and feelings and make positive changes.
  • Community Mental Health Teams - Community Mental Health Teams (CMHT), work in your community to help service users to recover from, and cope with, a wide range of mental health problems.
  • Home Based Treatment - Home base treatment is a way of supporting people who are currently in a mental health crisis or having a relapse of their existing mental illness and require intensive support, which can be provided at home rather than in hospital.
  • Inpatient Support ……Greater Manchester Mental Health (GMMH) provides a range of mental health services for adults across Salford, as well as an early intervention service for young people experiencing psychosis.
    • Bramley Street - 12 bed mental health rehabilitation service in Salford.
    • Meadowbrook Unit - Acute Adult inpatient facility based in Salford.
    • Woodlands - Provide care, support and treatment for older people with serious mental health needs.