People with learning disabilities often experience additional physical health conditions and/or mental ill health and die much sooner than the general population, often from a range of preventable and avoidable conditions

It is sometimes difficult for a person with a learning disability to express pain, discomfort or a general feeling of being unwell, which can lead to delays in diagnosis and treatment

A Learning Disability Annual Health Check is available to all people on the Learning Disability Register aged 14 and above.

Having a Learning Disability Annual Health Check is a good way to:

  • Get to know the doctor/nurse better and build relationships
  • Discuss worries and concerns before they get worse
  • Share ideas and learn about living a healthy lifestyle
  • Spot any problems early and provide treatment

For more information about having a Learning Disability Health Check, please contact your GP surgery or Mandy Anderton at

For easy read information, please click here.

Find out more about the Learning Disability Health Check in the below video: