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The winter months can put huge pressure on the NHS, especially urgent care services. NHS England and Public Health England have created a campaign to help you stay well and access appropriate health services this winter.

Flu vaccination

The flu virus can be very serious and even deadly. It's important to get the flu jab every year as the virus changes. 

The flu jab is free if you are over the age of 65, pregnant, have a long term health condition or aged 2 to 3.

Speak to your GP or pharmacist about the flu jab today.

Winter response

Most common winter illnesses such as a cold, cough or sore throat can be self-treated with over the counter medicines and rest but it's best to get medical advice before your illness gets worse. Speak to your local pharmacist and they will be able to provide professional advice and the best medication for your condition. 

Please note that over Christmas and New Year, some pharmacies will have reduced opening hours. Check here:

NHS 111

If you feel unwell but your not sure what to do, call NHS 111 and a health professional will be able to provide advice and direct you to the right service 24/7. You can also visit



Please remember that A&E is for emergencies and life-threatening conditions only. If you attend A&E when you don't need to, you are increasing the wait times for those who need urgent care the most. Think about what other services may be best for your condition such as GP, phamacy or self-care.

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