Flu vaccination

This year, with COVID-19 in circulation, it’s more important than ever to get vaccinated to protect yourself from the flu. Although the flu isn’t serious for everyone, it can make some people very ill.

It’s important to get the flu vaccination annually as it changes every year and you should get it in Autumn when the flu season starts to make sure you are protected. People at greater risk are eligible for a free vaccine, including those who:

  • are 65 and over (including those who'll be 65 by 31 March 2021)

  • have long-term health conditions (aged six months to 65)

  • are pregnant

  • are in long-stay residential care

  • receive a carer's allowance, or are the main carer for an older or disabled person who may be at risk if you get sick

This year the free flu vacination is also available to:

  • members of a shielding household
  • frontline health and social care workers
  • year 7 school children
  • those aged 50 - 64

The flu vaccination is available at GP practices and pharmacies across Salford. Please contact your GP practice or pharmacy for more information.

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Symptoms of the flu

If you do fall ill with the flu, symptoms can come on very quickly and can include:

  • A sudden fever – a temperature of 38C or above
  • An aching body
  • Feeling tired
  • A dry cough
  • A sore throat
  • A headache
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhoea or tummy pain
  • Feeling sick or being sick

Usually, you can treat the flu yourself by resting, keeping hydrated, taking paracetamol and ibuprofen and keeping warm.

A pharmacist can give you treatment advice and recommend flu remedies.

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Salford key workers urge you to get your flu jab

Key workers across Salford are getting their flu vaccinations this winter to keep the city moving and are urging you to do the same. Teachers, bus and tram drivers, refuge collectors, NHS and social care staff and many more are getting vaccinated to make sure they are protected from the flu and can still go to work to help you. Make sure you get your flu jab too and protect your friends, family and local community.

This local campaign has been launched by NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group, Salford Council and Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr Adeyeye, GP on the cover of Salford fly jab campaign. He says "I'm having my flu jab to keep Salford well".