Published on: 7th September 2020

Salford’s health and care system has launched a ‘big reset’ and local people are being asked to join in the conversation and share their views.Salford Big Reset Conversation logo

During the coronavirus pandemic, the way health services were delivered in Salford changed to keep patients and staff safe but now the city wants to shape the future of its health and care system to make sure people living in Salford receive the right care in the best way.

Salford’s Big Reset Conversation will run for three months, engaging with people living and working in the city to determine what is working well and what can be improved to create a better and fairer system in Salford.

The conversation is split into five themes – prioritising patients, accessing health services, health at home, mental health and new relationships between health and care and communities – so that local people can have a say on all aspects of health and care.

Alison Page, Chief Executive of Salford CVS, said: “Change happens when people come together in order to make a difference. Salford is full of passionate people – volunteering, voluntary and community action, mutual aid and being a good neighbour being some obvious examples – and during the coronavirus pandemic the Spirit of Salford has definitely shone through.

“I would encourage everyone who lives or works in Salford to take part in the Big Reset Conversation to make sure a wide range of voices are heard from across Salford’s diverse communities. Together we can make a difference!”

Over the last few months, some services temporarily stopped including planned surgery and routine appointments but now, the health and care system wants to prioritise those who still need the care and explore other options for people whose needs may have changed. Making sure people still have access to their GP and Emergency Department is vital in getting the health and care system moving again.

Salford GP, Dr Girish Patel, said: “Online, video, telephone - we are still here for you in lots of different ways. You may have noticed that the way you book an appointment with a GP has changed following the coronavirus pandemic but we are still providing the best level of care to you, it just might not be face-to-face. If you think you need an appointment with your GP, just call or visit their website.”  

Tyrone Roberts, Director of Nursing at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We want to make sure you contact the right service so you receive the care you need within good time. Over the past months, we have been working on new innovative ways to provide care to our patients including a new triage system at the doors to the ED. This ensure that patients are directed to most appropriate service for their needs instead of waiting in ED. Hearing patients’ thoughts on this through the Big Reset Conversation would be really useful so please do complete the survey.”

Patients and service users feedback is vital in making change so please join in the Big Reset Conversation and share your views and experiences of services in Salford. Complete this survey here:​

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