Published on: 14th July 2021

Students from the University of Salford students are encouraging young people to get the Covid-19 vaccine by sharing a series of films about how they are protecting their loved ones.

The first-year journalism with public relations (PR) students took on the task to create content around the theme of restrictions and the vaccine, explaining why they are getting the vaccine and inspire others to do the same.

Penny (20) created the film #VaccinatedFor. She said: ‘’I want to get vaccinated for the NHS, I want to do my bit to take the pressure off them by ensuring I don’t have to get hospitalised for any symptoms that I might experience.

“I’m sure many people want to get back to normal; normal meaning being able to meet new friends at university in person rather than break out rooms, go on a night out with your friends without worrying about social distancing. If everyone gets tested, vaccinated and follow rules, parties and events will be a more regular thing.’’

Fellow student 20-year-old Lucy added: ‘’I want to get vaccinated for my family, more importantly the vulnerable people in my family. So I’ll feel more comfortable seeing them and there’s lot less of a risk there. I also want to travel either this year or next. I think it’s essential to have the vaccine if you are going to different countries to stop the spread of the virus.’’

All adults aged 18 and above are now eligible for the vaccine and there are a number of walk-in vaccine clinics open across Salford every day, including one on campus at University House, along with a vaccination bus travelling the city and an appointment booking system. Along with the ‘Vaccinated for’ films, the students are also raising awareness of the vaccine clinic locations with films created at the walk-in sites and encouraging people to attend.

Dr Van Selvaraasan, GP and clinical lead for Salford’s NHS Covid-19 vaccination service, said: “We see a lot in the media about the younger generations not abiding the Covid restrictions and not coming forward for their vaccines, but I think that is a bit of a misconception. From what we’re seeing in Salford, we have a student community who is doing what they can to support the fight against the pandemic, and it’s really heartening to see them take this initiative and contribute to our campaign to get as many people vaccinated as possible.”

A campaign called 'Salford Unlocked' was started in March 2021 with Salford City Council and Studio Salford. The aim is to keep the younger generation engaged with Covid-19 restrictions and the vaccine uptake.

All Salford residents can book their Covid-19 vaccine appointments here, or attend a walk-in clinic. NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) shares daily updates and details on walk-in clinics on their social media and their Covid-19 vaccine walk-in page.