Published on: 27th February 2019

Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has been ranked as one of the best NHS organisations in a national survey with 9 out of ten staff recommending it as a place to work.

The NHS Staff Survey is the largest workforce survey in the world and has been conducted every year since 2003. It invites NHS staff to give their views on staff experience around key areas such as appraisals and development; health and wellbeing; staff engagement; and raising concerns. It helps the NHS organisations who participate in the survey to understand and compare their performance through the eyes of their workforce.

Staff were asked to complete an online questionnaire with the results published today (February 26). The survey was split into five themes: your job, managers, health, well-being and safety at work, personal development and the organisation in general.

The average response rate for CCGs was 78% but, for Salford CCG, 86% of staff took the opportunity to have their say.

Not all 211 CCGs in the UK take part in the survey but, out of the 69 CCGs who did, Salford is ranked third best nationally for overall positive score.

The CCG scored highly when it came to 83% of staff feeling enthusiastic about their job, which has increased from 74% in 2017. 95% feel trusted to do their job; 90% believe their work is valued by managers; and 93% agreed the care of patients and service users is Salford CCG’s top priority.

When it comes to career progression, 98% answered that the CCG acts fairly; 88% had undertaken training or development in the last 12 months and 99% had an appraisal within the same timeframe.

64% of staff feel Salford CCG takes positive action on their health and wellbeing, compared to a 30% national average.

Although the CCG is pleased with the results, it recognises that there are still improvements to be made. After sharing the results with staff, an action plan has been created to highlight what we can work on this year.

Anthony Hassall, Chief Accountable Officer for Salford CCG, said: “I am delighted that the Salford CCG has been ranked third in the country based on positive feedback from the survey.

“Workforce development is extremely important to us which I believe, along with the commitment and dedication from staff, has contributed to these great results.

“The CCG looks forward to continuing its hard work, using the action plan to improve even more in 2019.”