Published on: 5th July 2021

The NHS marks its’ 73rd ‘birthday’ on July 5 after a year like no other. It has been an extremely challenging year for the NHS and the country as a whole, but also a year of hope.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic hospitals have cared for around 400,000 seriously ill Covid patients, including more than 100,000 admitted in January alone, along with millions more besides.

At the same time the NHS has rolled out the biggest vaccination programme in our history, the fastest in Europe and most precise in the world.

The NHS could not have achieved all this without the skill and dedication of our people, along with the support of thousands of returners, volunteers, other keyworkers and, of course, the public who played their part by following the social distancing rules.

So we want to use our 73rd birthday as an opportunity to Say a Big Thank You to you. Without you and your support, we could never have achieved what we have over the past year.

To celebrate the NHS 73rd birthday, our chair, Dr Tom Tasker, has issued this letter of thanks to all health and care staff across Salford

To everyone in Salford,

Thank you to all key workers and Salford residents on eve of NHS 73rd birthday

There is no doubt that we are living and working in challenging times, and I want to thank you for all you’ve done so far to save lives and protect your health and care system.

By working together; getting the Covid-19 vaccine, testing regularly and following the restrictions, we have all helped to reduce the spread of the virus. However, we need you to continue your help and support as we move forward to what will be a ‘new normal’ for all of us.

In our thoughts are with those we have lost across our communities; the families in Salford who are grieving for loved ones and mourning cherished friends and colleagues.

We recognise that concern for your family’s health, emotional wellbeing and staying connected to relatives and friends are your top priorities. Our shared commitment is to ensure you and your family continue to receive high quality care which meets your needs in the safest possible way.

As you already know your GP is under a lot of pressure, not only doctors and nurses it also includes the receptionists and support staffs who are working very hard to accommodate your needs. Please be patient and be kind to one another.

We know that coronavirus is likely to be with us in some form for a while yet. The only way forward to normality is for everyone to have the vaccine. Anyone aged 18 and over are eligible for the vaccine. If you haven’t got the jab yet then please book your appointment now. There are lots of vaccination sites and regular walk-in clinics near you where you don’t need to book an appointment.

Please encourage your family and friends as well who haven’t got their vaccine to protect your loved ones.

In the meantime it is crucial that you continue to look after your health and wellbeing, which will also support local health and care services. Getting vaccinated as soon as you can, continuing to follow the ‘Hands, Face, Space’ guidance, getting the right Covid-19 test at the right time.

On Behalf of all partners at NHS Salford CCG Thank you,

Dr Tom Tasker

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