Published on: 11th March 2021

Valued, respected and encouraged is the overwhelming theme from results of the latest NHS Staff Survey revealing how people feel working for Salford CCG.

The NHS Staff Survey is the largest survey of staff opinion in the UK. It gathers views on staff experience at work around key areas, and includes: appraisal and development, health and wellbeing, staff engagement and involvement.

Out of the 43 CCGs who took part in the 2020 survey, Salford CCG ranks second for overall positive score.

Steve Dixon, Chief Accountable Officer, said: “To state the obvious, the last 12 months has been the toughest of times for staff working across the health and care system as we battled the coronavirus pandemic. The majority of staff working for Salford CCG are not frontline, but as commissioners it has been our responsibility working with our GP practices to keep primary care services open and working with partners to ensure the frontline services provide the highest standards of care, while rolling out COVID-19 testing as well as delivering the largest vaccination programme in the history of the NHS.

“I cannot thank our staff enough for their hard work over the last year, adapting to whatever has been thrown at them while balancing their home lives and their health and wellbeing during coronavirus. These survey results speak for themselves and show the commitment from our staff to making sure the people of Salford are getting the very best health and care services.”

Highlights from the NHS Staff Survey 2020 results for Salford CCG show:

Health and wellbeing

  • 75% of staff agree the CCG takes positive action towards looking after their health and wellbeing, increasing from 60% in 2019 and above the national average of 49%
  • 90% agree their immediate manager takes a positive interest in their health and wellbeing


  • 91% feel their work is valued by their immediate manager, they are respected by their colleagues and are encouraged at work
  • 88% agree they have a choice in deciding how to do their work, with 80% involved in deciding changes that may impact their work or team

Quality of care

  • 85% believe their role is making a difference to patients / service users, while 95% are happy with the quality of care provided
  • 90% agree Salford CCG would act on concerns raised by patients / service users

98% also agree Salford CCG acts fairly on career progression /promotion, regardless of ethnic background, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or age. 

Highlights from the NHS Staff Survey 2021 results for Salford CCG