Published on: 16th March 2020

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Important information about the coronavirus (COVID-19)

New, strict measures have been put in place to prevent coronavirus from spreading. It's important that you stay at home unless you absolutley have to go out:

  • to buy necessities such as food and medicine
  •  to go to work (if this cannot be done from home or you're a key worker)
  • to exercise once a day one

It's important that whilst you are away from home that you still follow social distancing rules, keeping 2m apart from anyone.

Make sure that you wash your hands as soon as you return home, using soap and water or hand sanitiser for 20 seconds.

Do not leave home if you or anyone else in your household has symptoms or coronavirus (new and continuous cough or high temperature). You will need to arranage someone else to help with shopping.

Full guidance on staying at home and away from others


Spirit of Salford helpline

If you need to self-isolate for any length of time, do you have anyone that can help you with day to day tasks? This can be a member of your family, a neighbour or a friend.

Or do you need help with:

  • Food shopping
  • Getting essential medication
  • Getting fuel (if you are on a pre-paid meter for gas or electric) 
  • Looking after pets
  • Or are you a carer that needs help or advice?

If you answer yes to any of the above and you would like to speak to someone, call our Spirit of Salford Helpline on 0800 952 1000, Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 6pm or complete the form below.

Tell us about any help needed

More information

Spirit of Salford Network


Protecting yourself against fraud

We are aware that some people are receiving suspicious calls and text messages offering the COVID-19 vaccination. 

To protect yourself and your family members from fraud and criminals, remember the following points.

  • The vaccine is only available on the NHS for free to people in priority groups, and the NHS will contact you when it is your turn. Anyone offering a paid-for vaccine is committing a crime.  
  • The NHS will never ask you to press a button on your keypad or send a text to confirm you want the vaccine, and never ask for payment or for your bank details. 
  • At the moment we are also not making house calls to deliver or discuss the vaccine. Anyone offering this now is committing a crime.

If you receive a call you believe to be fraudulent, hang up. If you believe you have been the victim of fraud or identity theft you should report this directly to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. Where the victim is vulnerable, and particularly if you are worried that someone has or might come to your house, report it to the Police online or by calling 101.


Advice on infant formula milk

There have been unconfirmed reports of parents being unable to obtain their child’s usual brand of infant formula milk, due to some shoppers stockpiling. 

If your baby is under 6 months:

  • If your normal brand isn’t available use stage 1 (‘first’) milk from any other brand.  This is ok, as all infant formulas have to be of a similar composition
  • Stage 2 formulas are not suitable for babies under 6 months

If your baby is 6-12 months:

  • Stage 1 milk of any brand is suitable from birth to 12 months 
  • Use any brand of Stage 2 (‘follow-on’) milk as they are all of similar composition
  • Cow’s milk can be used in cooking but is not suitable as a drink ( as it does not contain enough iron to meet babies' needs)

If the baby is over 12 months:

  • First infant formula, follow-on formula or growing-up milks aren't needed once your baby is 12 months old
  • Whole cow’s milk or other milk (e.g. sheep, goat) is suitable to drink, unless allergies are present
  • Unsweetened calcium-fortified milk alternatives (e.g. soya, oat or almond drinks) are also suitable

Other advice:

  • If you are mixed feeding, why not introduce more breastfeeds
  • If baby doesn’t normally finish a feed, make up smaller amounts to reduce waste
  • Do not over-dilute powdered formula to make it stretch further
  • Never keep and reheat bottles baby has already started drinking from
  • Children under 5 years old shouldn't have rice drinks as they may contain too much arsenic
  • Young children shouldn't be given unpasteurised milk because of the higher risk of food poisoning

For more information visit:

Please see attached Unicef UK Baby infant feeding advice.

Please also see attached information regarding re-establishing breastfeeding.


Other important information

Temporary relocation of births at Ingleside Birth and Community Centre

Temporary relocation of births at Ingleside Birth and Community Centre

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