Published on: 8th October 2020

Local charity Cancer Awareness for Teens and Twenties (CATTs) have been granted £40,000 to deliver cancer awareness workshops to young people in Salford thanks to NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group’s Innovation Fund.

The free virtual workshops will teach teenagers and young people aged 15-29 in Salford the signs and symptoms of cancer, how to correctly check themselves for lumps, identify cancerous moles and how to lower their risk of developing cancer, such as awareness on HPV and sun safety. 

Bethany Applebee, 28, Community Engagement Lead running this project, says: “14 young people are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK, with a lot of these young people receiving a late diagnosis. There are many reasons why a late diagnosis could happen, one of them being that people do not recognise signs and symptoms as possible symptoms of cancer. On top of this, cancer referrals have now dropped by 75% due to the coronavirus pandemic, meaning thousands of young people with cancer are not being diagnosed quick enough.”

“These workshops are a safe and open space that not only empower young people on how to look after their own health but give people a chance to ask the questions they have always wanted to. We know that a lot of young people find it difficult to speak to a doctor about their health, and we want to give participants the tools to speak with confidence.”

Cancer Awareness for Teens and Twenties

CATTs is a Manchester based charity, run by young people, for young people. The charity’s mission is simple, to make sure every young person in the UK knows the common signs and symptoms of cancer, and when to go and see their doctor. They encourage teenagers and young adults to be familiar with their bodies, and to keep an eye out for any signs that could indicate something is wrong.

Each year, Salford CCG runs the Innovation Fund to support community projects that test and develop new healthcare products and services in a hope to improve outcomes for people living in the city.

The workshops are hosted online via Zoom and tickets can be booked on the CATTs Eventbrite page by clicking here. Individuals aged 15-29 can sign up to open workshops and CATTs will be hosting free private workshops to schools, colleges, youth clubs and community centres all around Salford. If you would like a workshop hosted, please cemail