Published on: 19th August 2020

Last year, Salford’s Equality Improvement Partnership and Salford’s mental health champions, launched an exhibition at The Lowry to mark Black History Month.

Still I Rise was a collection of stories and portraits, taken by award-winning photographer Allie Crewe, to give an insight into the lives of Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) health and social care staff from across Salford’s private and public sectors whilst celebrating BAME culture.

The exhibition was available to the public at The Lowry throughout Black History Month and featured 16 portraits including Raj Jain, Chief Executive of the Northern Care Alliance, which runs Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Councillor Wilson Nkurunziza of Salford City Council and members of the BAME Mental Health Champions.Shahanara Begum, Workforce Development Officer at Salford City Council

Shahanara Begum, Workforce Development Officer at Salford City Council shared her story and said: “I knew we were different growing up. We spoke other languages, wore different clothes at times and started learning prayers in Arabic and reading the Qur’an.

“I still feel as though I have to represent the entire/Asian/Muslim/Female Muslim population or justify why my religion, culture, family or I am different from certain individuals that have certain beliefs or lifestyles or even more seriously have committed heinous acts. This can be draining at times and often I choose not to get involved in ‘putting’ people right as it shouldn’t always be my place to do so or that I should be the voice for an entire religion, continent or community. I choose however to do this in a more within my professional, family and social circles.”

Still I Rise featured on BBC News and was shortlisted for a national award so this year, we want to build of this success and mark Black History Month with the Salford community.  We are looking for six new volunteers to add to our collection of portraits and stories so if you would like to take part, please email before Friday 29th August 2020.

You can view the original contributions here: