Social Value Impact Report 2019/20

10% Better in Salford

We believe that social value can be used to improve the lives of people across Salford. We want to use it as a way to tackle poverty and inequality in our city. We can all work together to use social value – in procurement, in business, in community activity, in development and growth, and in public services - to make our city a better place.

The Salford Social Value Alliance wants to use social value to make a 10% improvement across 11 social, environmental and economic outcomes for the benefit of Salford and its people.

Together, our aim is that by 2021 there will be:

  • 4,690 MORE people volunteering in Salford
  • At least 25 MORE formerly not in employment, education or training 16 and 17 year olds from Salford going into employment, education and training every year
  • 19,000 Salford adults aged 16 and over saying that they feel MORE satisfied with their life than they did last year
  • 42kg LESS waste generated by each Salford household every year
  • 3,450 tonnes MORE Salford waste recycled
  • 2,280 MORE people out of their cars and using green methods of transport to work
  • 6,300 FEWER inactive people in Salford
  • At least 1,570 MORE Salford people paid the Living Wage Foundation Living Wage
  • 780 MORE people from vulnerable groups in Salford accessing new jobs, apprenticeships, training and work experience placements
  • 1,130 FEWER Salford households living in fuel poverty

AND with local companies having local supply chains, we want to INCREASE the gross value added / head for Salford people by 10% - that’s £2,353.

In these times of austerity, we need to maximise the benefit from all money invested in Salford.

Achieving this will involve commitment from the many private sector businesses, public sector organisations, as well as voluntary and community groups and social enterprises, so we will use the 10% Better campaign as a way to focus effort into those areas which will have maximum impact. It will mean embedding a social value approach into every organisation no matter what its size or sector.

Pledge what you can to make Salford 10% better. It doesn’t sound much, but if all businesses, schools, hospitals, councils, community groups, etc. committed to do just one thing, then together we can make a real difference.

Salford CCG is a gold accredited carbon literate organisation 

This means we are committed to supporting a low carbon culture. You can read our news article about this achievement here.Carbon Literate Gold.jpg