Clinical Commissioning Group Improvement and Assessment Framework 

Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) were established on 1 April 2013 and are clinically-led organisations at the heart of the NHS system. NHS England has a statutory duty (under the Health and Social Care Act (2012)) to conduct an annual assessment of every CCG.

The current CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework was introduced in March 2016 and outlines the metrics that NHS England use to assess how well CCGs are performing.

The annual assessment is a judgement, reached by taking into account the CCG’s performance in each of the indicator areas over the full year and balanced against the financial management and qualitative assessment of the leadership of the CCG. From year to year, different elements may be assigned higher priority than others and given more weighting in the annual performance assessment.

Using the Improvement and Assessment Framework, NHS England will continue to assess how effectively CCGs work with others (including their local Health and Wellbeing Boards) to improve quality and outcomes for patients.

The indicators are:

  • Better health
  • Better care
  • Sustainability
  • Leadership

In July 2019, Salford CCG was rated outstanding for the fourth consecutive year, making it one of only three CCGs in the country to achieve the highest rating for four  years running. 

Previous assurance:

Year Headline rating
2018/19 Outstanding
2017/18 Outstanding
2016/17 Outstanding
2015/16 Outstanding
2014/15 Assured with support
2013/14 Assured

You can find out more about the data behind the ratings from the My NHS website.

Annual performance reports

The CCG produces a number of reports every year such as our annual engagement report, diversity and inclusion report and overarching CCG annual report and accounts. You can read them all via our Publications page.