The scale of transformation necessary to deliver the ambition outlined within Salford Locality plan is a considerable challenge that will require widespread innovation, enhanced use of technology and a commitment to research. Our existing partnerships, our relationships with academic organisations and most importantly our integrated IM&T system, means that Salford is uniquely placed within Greater Manchester to be a test bed for innovation and research.

We strive to promote and support various quality improvement programmes across Salford. Find out about our innovation and research work across the City. 


  • Support the development of high quality commissioning underpinned by research evidence and innovation
  • Support NHS Salford CCG in becoming an excellent organisation by providing a culture that values and promotes research and innovation
  • Ensure research or evaluations commissioned by Salford CCG are patient centred and, through its implementation, strive to improve outcomes for patients
  • Offer every patient the opportunity to take part in research (where practicable)
  • Contribute to economic growth through opportunities offered by research, e.g. Salford Lung Study and partnership with Hitachi and to work effectively with partners, such as the Health Innovation Manchester, Haelo, North West e-Health (NWeH) and the Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Network to exploit those opportunities for Salford


  • To demonstrate and deliver the NHS England statutory duties to promote the use of research and the use of evidence obtained from high quality research
  • To support the NHS outcomes framework objectives by building the evidence base and identifying best practice
  • To commission research evaluations that delivers benefits for patients and families and supports the development of the evidence base and innovative practice
  • To increase patient and public engagement in research as participants and researchers


  1. To identify and prioritise local commissioning health services research topics and coordinate this work with Health Innovation Manchester, Manchester Academic Health Science Centre (MAHSC), NWeH, Manchester Academic Health Science Network (MAHSN), Manchester Clinical Research Network (CRN), Haelo, Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC), NIHR, industry and other stakeholders
  2. To develop the evidence base in relation to models of commissioning to ensure the approach to commissioning services is based on best evidence and effectiveness
  3. To increase research capabilities amongst NHS Salford CCG staff to use research and quality improvement methods to utilise the outcomes of research, thereby increasing the quality of care and treatment commissioned
  4. To ensure the inclusion of patients in setting priorities for research and participation in the design, delivery and dissemination of research
  5. To promote the ideal that every patient coming into the NHS is offered an opportunity to take part in research
  6. To increase the availability of information on current and completed research and outcomes to the public
  7. To maximise the benefits from research through innovation, income, knowledge improvement and impact