The NHS Equality and Diversity Council announced in July 2014 that it had agreed action to ensure employees from black and ethnic minority (BME) backgrounds have equal access to career opportunities and receive fair treatment in the workplace.

The move follows reports which highlighted disparities in the number of BME people in senior leadership positions across the NHS, as well as lower levels of wellbeing amongst the BME population.

The Council pledged its commitment, subject to consultation with the NHS, to implement the Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) to improve equality across the NHS from 01 April 2015.

What is WRES?

The WRES requires organisations, like Salford CCG, to demonstrate progress against a number of indicators.

There are nine metrics. Four of the metrics are specifically on workforce data and four of the metrics are based on data derived from the national NHS Staff Survey indicators.

The staff survey information will highlight any differences between the experience and treatment of White staff and BME staff in the NHS.

The final metric requires provider organisations to ensure that their Boards are broadly representative of the communities they serve. The first reports for WRES were published on organisational websites by 01 July 2015.

WRES publication

Salford CCG is required to publish annual reports which include a comparison to the previous year's position where possible, and an action plan to complement the report and address areas for improvement. 

Although CCGs have been collecting and publishing their data, we have not been required to submit data for national analysis to NHS England.  This has now changed and, from 2019, we submit data for national analysis and publication in the same way as NHS trusts.

Salford CCG is committed to this agenda and you can see our most recent and previous reports by following the links below:

For more information on Salford CCG's WRES, please contact