NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) was established by NHS England on 01 April 2013 under the National Health Service Act 2006 (as amended).

Our statutory functions are set out under the National Health Service Act 2006 (as amended). The CCG’s general function is arranging the provision of health services for the people of Salford. This is set out in our Constitution. 

The CCG's Governing Body make sure that we exercise our functions effectively, efficiently and economically with the relevant principles of good governance. They meet every couple of months in meetings that are held in public, which you are welcome to attend.

In this section of our website, you can meet the members of our Governing Body, find out dates for upcoming meetings and read minutes and papers, published one week in advance.

Integrated commissioning arrangements with Salford City Council

Expanded integrated commissioning arrangements between Salford CCG and Salford City Council started on 01 April 2019. These arrangements allow us together to commission approximately £600m of health and social care services for the people of Salford, covering adults, children, public health and primary care services.

Overseeing the integrated commissioning fund is a Health and Care Commissioning Board, which is supported by a Children’s Commissioning Committee, an Adults' Commissioning Committee and a Primary Care Commissioning Committee. All these groups comprise elected members and local clinicians, supported by senior officers from the CCG and Council.