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Your choice of maternity services header

Your choice of maternity services...

Your choice of maternity care in SalfordIf you are pregnant, you have a number of choices about where to go for your maternity care. The choice can depend on what services are available in your local area - as well as clinical judgement on what is going to be best for you and your baby – but the majority of women are able to personally choose their maternity care.


There are a number of quality standards and clinical guidelines which recommend that pregnant women are:

  • Supported to access antenatal care, ideally by 10 weeks
  • Cared for by a named midwife throughout their pregnancy
  • Kept fully informed at all stages of their pregnancy
  • Identified as needing and offered psychological support as appropriate
  • Supported to plan their place of birth and, for those at low risk, this is appropriate at home or in a midwifery led unit
  • Given smoking cessation support if they are a smoker
  • Identified  as needing specialist support and given additional attention
  • Have a documented discussion of the option to plan a vaginal birth if they have already had one or more caesarean sections
  • Receive breastfeeding support


There are three stages of maternity care:

  • Antenatal care
  • Delivery
  • Post natal care


Women can choose where to go for each stage, but the provider must be within the local choice the CCG has identified. In Salford, our providers are:



Ingleside Birth and Community Centre


Ingleside Birth and Community Centre in Salford is now open and midwives from across the region are now able to offer the centre as a place of choice for women due to give birth.

The fully refurbished and modern, freestanding midwifery-led unit in Salford is the only one of its kind in Greater Manchester and offers women from across the city the choice to give birth to their baby in a home from home environment, should they be suitable.

Women who have been identified as having a low-risk pregnancy, and who are not expected to require support from a doctor during birth, will be able to give birth at Ingleside. 


The service is run by midwives from Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, who have been providing maternity care in the Salford area for a number of years. This now provides women in the area with access to their full range of maternity services, which also includes home births or accessing one of the maternity suites at the Princess Anne Maternity Unit, Royal Bolton Hospital.

Set in the beautiful grounds of Oakwood Park, Ingleside is steeped in history. The birth centre itself has four birthing suites each with its own birthing pool. Specialist mood lighting, high definition projectors displaying natural images and sounds and the facility to play your own music are just some of the features that will create a positive and relaxing  birthing environment for those women who do not wish to give birth in hospital.

It is intended that the centre will become a community hub to women and their families for the whole area, offering antenatal and postnatal clinics and classes, sessions on hypnobirthing, infant feeding support, a range of complementary therapies and much more.


Women who would like to book to give birth at Ingleside should discuss this with their midwife at one of their antenatal appointments. Their midwife will be able to discuss their options with them, and provide more information about the centre.


Women can also contact or follow the centre on Facebook @InglesideSalford for updates and information.


Ingleside will be available for women to give birth 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The centre will be open to the community between 8.30am-4.30pm Monday-Friday.