Salford Standard - additional information for GPs


Please find below additional supporting information for the Salford Standard

Appendix 1 - Salford Standard 2018-19 (APR 2018)   

Appendix 2 - KPIs for 2018-19 (APR 2018) 

Salford Standard Leads Contact List 2018-19 (APR 2018) 

Salford Standard Support and Escalation Process (MAR 2018) 

Final 2016-17 Q4 Salford Standard Performance Dashboard 

Long term conditions

Standard 1.3 Respiratory disease

COPD screener


RCR Asthma presentation

Overview to Breathing Better service 

Breathing Better referral proforma 


Standard 1.6 Chronic liver disease

Liver Clinic GP Referral Guidelines

Standard 1.7 Cancer

Cancer care review guidance 

National Cancer Survivorship Initiative concerns checklist


Vulnerable groups

Standard 5.7 Other vulnerable groups

Suicide awareness handout - recognise the signs and where to get support

Supporting someone feeling suicidal

Getting help if you're feeling suicidal

Suicide mythbusters

Salford Suicide Prevention Strategy


Public Health

Standard 6.1 Health improvement

Guidance for the NHS Health Check 01 April 2016_31 March 2017

NHS Health Check Best Practice Guidance

Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test

Referral poster for substance misuse

Referral form to Achieve Salford Recovery Service

Smoking Cessation Specification

Public Health Salford Standard Service Guides 


Standard 6.2 Screening

Screening and immunisation contacts list    


Standard 6.3 Health protection

The national flu plan is released every year closer to the flu season so as its released Public Health can provide the latest standard.  Below is the flu champion programme information that we encourage every provider service to get involved with.

Facts and myths about flu vaccination 

Standard 6.4 Sexual health  

Guidance for participation in the national chlamydia and gonorrhoea screening programme in general practice 01 April 2016_31 March 2017

GPs LARC specification 


Useful contacts

Health Improvement Service


Referral Form: online referral form.

Tel:  0800 952 1000


Being Well

Tel 0161 743 3575

E mail referral form:



Tel: 0161 358 1530


Way to wellbeing (W2W) website:

National Chlamydia Screening Programme Website:

NHS Health Checks Website:

Proactive care

Standard 7.1 Proactive care

MDG Operational Proceedure


Business Management

Standard 10.1 Demand management

EUR Policies 

Standard 10.4 Accessible information

Accessible information: specification