Salford Suicide Prevention Strategy 2017 - 2022

All public sector partners in Salford are working together to address the devastating impact that suicide has on families and communities and ensure that suicide should always be considered an avoidable occurrence.


We know that Salford has a number of high risk groups (which mirror some of the nationally identified high risk groups) who may have a greater risk of suicide. These groups include:

  • Males aged 40 - 59 years

  • People with multiple risk factors – e.g. carers, people in the criminal justice system, people with mental health conditions, military veterans, faith groups, people who are unemployed and people who have alcohol or drug problems.

  • People in the construction workforce

  • People from LGBT communities

  • People from BAME / refugee and asylum communities

It is important to note that not everyone who considers suicide has a mental health problem. 


In our strategy, we have six key objectives to achieve this vision:

  1. Salford will achieve the Safer Suicide Community Accreditation 

  2. Develop an awareness of suicide prevention and increase the capacity of individuals and organisations to respond to and engage proactivity with individuals in distress and individuals who are perceived to be at high risk of suicide.

  3. Provide effective support to individuals who have been affected by a suicide bereavement

  4. Build a wider partnership approach

  5. Align and / or incorporate the Salford Suicide Prevention Strategy with other strategies and programmes

  6. Making a difference – checking that our actions make a difference

You can read more about our strategy and action plan in the documents below: 

Salford Suicide Prevention Strategy 2017-2022 

Salford Suicide Prevention Strategy Action Plan (revised January 2019)


Salford Suicide Prevention Partnership Update: January 2019

The Salford Suicide Prevention Partnership met at the beginning of January. The meeting talked about the following issues:

Salford Suicide Prevention Action Plan

The suicide prevention action plan is updated regularly by all the members of the partnership. The most up-to-date version is available here

Greater Manchester Updates

Adele Owen has joined the Greater Manchester Health & Social Partnership as the Greater Manchester Suicide Prevention Programme Manager.

In Spring Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership will be starting work on a Greater Manchester wide Suicide Prevention audit.

Communications Update

The CCGs Communications and Engagement team have been running a suicide prevention campaign on social media over the Christmas period. The campaign will continue until the end of January 2019. The campaign has focused on increased anxiety, stress, money worries, debt advice and loneliness. 

Suicide Prevention Audit

Every year, Salford Public Health carries out an audit of the number of deaths by suicide in the area. This helps us to understand how we can help to support people as early as possible and prevent people from considering suicide.

Salford Public Health shared the ‘Salford 2017 Annual Suicide Audit’ report with the group. At the meeting Salford Public Health presented the headlines and recommendations from the audit. It was agreed that the group would review the audit and recommendations and provide any comments back to Salford Public Health.

The recommendations from the audit will be reviewed alongside Salford’s Suicide Prevention Action Plan and any new actions that have identified as part of the audit will be added to the action plan.  

Preventing Access to Means

The group had a discussion about the methods people might use to die by suicide based on information from the Suicide Prevention Audit. The group talked about how they could help prevent people from accessing these methods or, where this is not possible direct the person to help and support available.

Ideas discussed included free suicide awareness training for people that work in housing and in shops.

Terms of Reference & Data Sharing Agreement

A Terms of Reference will be developed for Salford Suicide Prevention Partnership. A Terms of Reference will describe what the group is about and will explain the roles and responsibilities of the people that attend the meeting.

The Terms of Reference will be shared on the website once it is complete.

A Data Sharing Agreement will also be developed for Salford Suicide Prevention Partnership. A Data Sharing Agreement will clearly explain what the group’s roles and responsibilities are in relation to any data that is being shared in the meeting.

Our next Suicide Prevention Partnership will be in April 2019 and we will look to provide another update following this meeting. To be added to the email network for additional information, please contact:

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