Salford Suicide Prevention Strategy 2017 - 2022

All public sector partners in Salford are working together to address the devastating impact that suicide has on families and communities and ensure that suicide should always be considered an avoidable occurrence.


We know that Salford has a number of high risk groups (which mirror some of the nationally identified high risk groups) who may have a greater risk of suicide. These groups include:

  • Males aged 40 - 59 years

  • People with multiple risk factors – e.g. carers, people in the criminal justice system, people with mental health conditions, military veterans, faith groups, people who are unemployed and people who have alcohol or drug problems.

  • People in the construction workforce

  • People from LGBT communities

  • People from BAME / refugee and asylum communities

It is important to note that not everyone who considers suicide has a mental health problem. 


In our strategy, we have six key objectives to achieve this vision:

  1. Salford will achieve the Safer Suicide Community Accreditation 

  2. Develop an awareness of suicide prevention and increase the capacity of individuals and organisations to respond to and engage proactivity with individuals in distress and individuals who are perceived to be at high risk of suicide.

  3. Provide effective support to individuals who have been affected by a suicide bereavement

  4. Build a wider partnership approach

  5. Align and / or incorporate the Salford Suicide Prevention Strategy with other strategies and programmes

  6. Making a difference – checking that our actions make a difference

You can read more about our strategy and action plan in the documents below: 

Salford Suicide Prevention Strategy 2017-2022 

Salford Suicide Prevention Strategy Action Plan (revised August 2018) 


Salford Suicide Prevention Partnership Update: August 2018


The Salford Suicide Prevention Partnership met at the beginning of August. The meeting talked about the following issues:


Salford Suicide Prevention Action Plan

The suicide prevention action plan is updated regularly by all the members of the partnership. The most up-to-date version is available here


Suicide Prevention Resource

A business card sized information card has been developed to support people to manage thoughts of suicide. This has been developed by local people who have survived suicide, been bereaved by suicide or who are working on suicide prevention. The card will be tested out in two areas of Salford between August and October. Learning from this testing will help us to plan how we use the card in the future.


Blue Light Training (Mind in Salford)

This programme is being delivered by the Greater Manchester Mind organisations. They are working with the Resilience Hub to offer support to people working in blue light services (Greater Manchester Police, North West Ambulance Service, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue) around mental health and trauma. The approach offers training for managers and staff around mental health awareness and support for all staff and volunteers. Support includes group or 1:1 sessions, based on talking therapies or resilience building.

Mind have also developed a new app for mobile phones which they are testing with a small group of officers from Greater Manchester Police. The app uses bite-sized interventions, mindfulness and self-care techniques.


Offload Programme (Salford Red Devils)

The Offload programme is a mental fitness programme for men, delivered by Rugby players and based around stress management techniques, finding life balance, managing setbacks, coping strategies, anger management and problem solving.

The partnership talked about the importance of learning from this programme – particularly around how this type of activity is marketed to men and how men are involved in the development of the programme.


Start Art Campaign

Start in Salford shared information on their awareness campaign around suicide prevention. A candlelit remembrance vigil is being held on Monday, 10th September (Suicide Prevention Awareness Day), 6.30-7.30pm at the Lowry Plaza, The Quays, Salford, M50 3AZ.  A remembrance roll for those who have died by suicide will be read out on the day. Anyone wishing to add their loved one’s name to the roll can email

As part of the campaign work, Start is also delivering an art installation called ‘Sea of Hands of Support’ which shares positive messages of support and experience. A project to share the experiences of people who have survived suicide is also underway.


Communications Update

As part of the Salford Suicide Prevention Partnership, a Communications Group focuses on the messages and information shared around Suicide Prevention across the city. A communications plan has been developed and will see a number of targeted messages to specific groups and communities over the next year.


2017 Audit

Every year, Salford Public Health carries out an audit of the number of deaths by suicide in the area. This helps us to understand how we can help to support people as early as possible and prevention people considering suicide. The headlines from the Audit were shared with the group and a full report is expected in October.


Our next Suicide Prevention Partnership will be in October 2018 and we will look to provide another update following this meeting. To be added to the email network for additional information, please contact:


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