Social Value

The CCG has been an active partner in the Salford Health and Social Value programme, one of four first year cohort Department of Health funded national social value pilots.


The programme brings together partners from across Salford, including the CCG, local authority, community and voluntary groups and social enterprises, to further develop opportunities for social value across the city using public funds for maximum community benefit.The externally supported programme completed during 2014/15 but has continued within Salford due to the commitment of all partners involved. 


The CCG has made a valuable contribution to this work, including the development of a social value charter and a toolkit to support commissioners, providers and procurers. We have also been worked with colleagues in the North West Commissioning Support Unit to embed social value criteria into tender processes.


We were delighted to be involved in the Salford City Partnership Conference 2014 (Salford: A Social Value City) and to provide support to those areas across the country who make up the second cohort of the national social value pilots. During 2014/15 the CCG developed its first Sustainable Development Management Plan which incorporates our work on Social Value. During 2015/16 we will broaden this plan and agree how we can increase our corporate social responsibility work.

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