Salford CCG Board Meeting (30 July 2014)



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Latest Meeting

To be held on Wednesday, 28 May 2014
2.00pm - 5.30pm
At Salford Suite, St James's House, Salford 

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  • Public Meeting (2.00pm - 5.30pm) 
    Open Agenda for Members of Public to raise items previously mentioned to Board Secretary
  • Start of NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body Meeting (2.15pm)


Part I

  1. Apologies for absence 
  2. Declaration of Interests in items on this Meeting's Agenda
  3. Minutes of the Meetings
    1. Minutes of the meeting held on 28 May 2014
      AgendaItemNo3a.pdf [pdf] 402KB
    2. Minutes of the Governing Body Meeting (held under emergency powers) 29 May 2014 
      AgendaItemNo3b.pdf [pdf] 322KB
  4. Matters Arising from 28 May 2014 Minutes
    1. Annual Reports (a) Safeguarding Children (minute number 70.14)
      Chief Accountable Officer
      AgendaItemNo4a.pdf [pdf] 89KB
  5. Leadership Reports
    1. Chair (Verbal)
    2. Chief Accountable Officer
      Chief Accountable Officer
      AgendaItemNo5b.pdf [pdf] 367KB
  6. Strategy
    1. Operational Resilience and Capacity Plan 2014/15
      Chief Accountable Officer

      AgendaItemNo6a.pdf [pdf] 143KB
      AgendaItemNo6aAppendix1.pdf [pdf] 290KB
      AgendaItemNo6aAppendix2.pdf [pdf] 260KB
      AgendaItemNo6aAppendix3.pdf [pdf] 177KB
      AgendaItemNo6aAppendix4.pdf [pdf] 187KB
      AgendaItemNo6aAppendix5.pdf [pdf] 434KB
      AgendaItemNo6aAppendix6.pdf [pdf] 103KB
      AgendaItemNo6aAppendix7.pdf [pdf] 97KB
      AgendaItemNo6aAppendix8.pdf [pdf] 299KB
  7. Strategic Priorities
    1. Integrated Care Report
      Chief Accountable Officer
      AgendaItemNo7a.pdf [pdf] 395KB
    2. Healthier Together Committee in Common Report
      Chief Finance Officer
      AgendaItemNo7b.pdf [pdf] 187KB
      AgendaItemNo7bAppendix1.pdf [pdf] 1MB
  8. Performance
    1. Quality Performance
      Chief Accountable Officer
      1. Quality and Safety Overview 
        Chief Accountable Officer
        AgendaItemNo8ai.pdf [pdf] 195KB
      2. Quality of Commissioned Services
        Chief Accountable Officer

        AgendaItemNo8aii.pdf [pdf] 223KB
        AgendaItemNo8aiiAppendix1.pdf [pdf] 224KB
        AgendaItemNo8aiiAppendix2.pdf [pdf] 146KB
        AgendaItemNo8aiiAppendix3.pdf [pdf] 229KB
        AgendaItemNo8aiiAppendix4.pdf [pdf] 222KB
      3. Primary Care Quality
        Chief Accountable Officer
        AgendaItemNo8aiii.pdf [pdf] 292KB
        AgendaItemNo8aiiiAppendix1.pdf [pdf] 33KB
    2. Organisational Performance
      Chief Accountable Officer
      AgendaItemNo8b.pdf [pdf] 585KB
      AgendaItemNo8bAppendix3.pdf [pdf] 292KB
      AgendaItemNo8bAppendix4.pdf [pdf] 546KB
    3. Financial Performance - Month 3 
      Chief Finance Officer
      AgendaItemNo8c.pdf [pdf] 498KB
  9. Process
    1. Risk Assurance Framework 
      Chief Accountable Officer

      AgendaItemNo9a.pdf [pdf] 221KB
      AgendaItemNo9aAppendix1OPPS.pdf [pdf] 188KB
      AgendaItemNo9aAppendix1THREATS.pdf [pdf] 182KB
      AgendaItemNo9aAppendix4.pdf [pdf] 183KB
    2. CCG Audit Committee
      Chief Finance Officer
      AgendaItemNo9b.pdf [pdf] 127KB
      AgendaItemNo9bAppendix1.pdf [pdf] 337KB
    3. Register of Gifts and Hospitality and Declaration of Interests
      AgendaItemNo9c.pdf [pdf] 150KB
      AgendaItemNo9cAppendix1.pdf [pdf] 122KB
      AgendaItemNo9cAppendix2.pdf [pdf] 93KB
  10. Minutes/Reports of Partnership Boards/Sub Committees
    1. Programme Management Group Report
      Chair of Programme Management Group 
      AgendaItemNo10a.pdf [pdf] 222KB

    2. Salford Children and Young People's Board Summary
      Director of Public Health
      AgendaItemNo10b.pdf [pdf] 441KB

  11. Reflection
    1. Key Decisions
    2. Key Messages
    3. Benefits to the Population of Salford
  12. Any Other Business

Date and Time of Next Meeting

NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body Meeting - 28 September 2014 at 2.00 pm

Part II

Members of the press and public are excluded from the remainder of this meeting under Section 1(2) Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960

Chair: Dr Hamish Stedman

Chief Accountable Officer: Alan Campbell