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Salford Carers Strategy

What / who is a carer?

Carers are people who care for a family member, a friend or another person in need of assistance or support with daily living. They include those caring for the frail aged, people living with long-term medical conditions, people with a mental illness, people with a disability and those receiving palliative care.


Some carers do not call themselves carers but see themselves as wife or husband, mother or father, partner, grandparent, child, friend or neighbour. There can be multiple carers who care as part of a family or community network. At times, because of the nature of the illness, a carer may not be recognised as a carer by the person he or she is providing care to.


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Salford Carers event

Salford Carers Strategy

Salford Council and Clinical Commissioning Group are working with carers to gain their views so they can develop a new Carers strategy which will provide guidance from carers and develop a framework to build on previous achievements.

In Salford there has been a Carers Strategy covering the period 2013 - 16, and a refresh in 2016/17 which has enabled the Commissioner responsible for carers services to plan ahead to ensure the right services are being delivered.

We are now developing the strategy for 2017 – 20 which will recognise our approach to involving service users and carers both in their own care and in the design, delivery and evaluation of social care services.

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