Primary Care Commissioning Committee 28 November 2017

The Salford Room, St. James’s House, Pendleton Way, Salford, M6 5FW

Agenda only:    Part 1 Agenda 28 November 2017

Combined papers:    Part 1 Combined Papers - PCCC 28th November 2017 

10:30 Public Meeting Open

Agenda for members of the public to raise items previously mentioned to the Senior Committee Support Officer

10:35 Start of NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group Primary Care Commissioning Committee 

1. Apologies for absence 
2. Declaration of Interest in items on this Meeting’s Agenda
3. Minutes of the meeting held on 26 September 2017
4. Action Log from the meeting held on 26 September 2017 and matter arising


For Assurance/Decision

5. Community Based Care
a) Salford Wide Extended Access Pilot Update Report (paper)
b) Salford Standard Proposal for 2018/19
c) Ellenbrook Medical Practice - application to close the patient list

6. Performance
a) Financial Performance (paper)
b) Primary Care Commissioning Committee Work Plan Review (paper)

For Information

7. Minutes/Reports of Partnership Boards/Sub Committees 
a) Primary Care Operational Group Report (paper)
b) Primary Care Quality Group Report (paper) 

8. Reflection 
a) Key Decisions
b) Key Messages
c) Benefits to the Population of Salford

Meeting to close

Date and time of next meeting: Tuesday, 30th January 2018, 10:30am-12:30pm, Salford Room, St. James’s House