Vision & Aims

Our vision for Salford

Our vision and aims

Although there are diverse levels of affluence within the district, Salford is ranked as one of the most deprived local authority areas in England with life expectancy lower than the England average. There are massive health inequalities within Salford with men living in the most deprived areas having over 12 years shorter life expectancy than those from the least deprived areas, and women eight years.

Our vision is that Salford CCG will commission (buy) high quality services to enable our population to live longer healthier lives.

We have four main aims:

1. Prevent ill health
We will help people make healthy choices to reduce health inequalities associated with lifestyle and we will direct our resources towards prevention. This will result in a reduction of the number of people who smoke, reduce the impact of alcohol related harm, and reduce levels of obesity across all age groups.


2. Reduce health inequalities
We will commission services that are tailored to local needs, provide additional support to vulnerable people, and ensure that health services are equitable. This will lead to an increase in life expectancy, a reduction in health inequalities experienced by many people in Salford, and reduce the rate of teenage pregnancy.


3. Improve healthcare quality
We will commission high-quality value-for-money services that are delivered in line with best practice and safety standards; not only providing the best clinical 'outcomes' for patients, but also providing an improved patient experience.


4. Improve health and wellbeing outcomes
We will buy those services that are best designed to maximize health and wellbeing outcomes and locate services in the most appropriate settings that where possible are closer to people's homes.


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