Clinical Commissioning Group Assurance Framework 2015/16

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 created CCGs as membership organisations of GP practices to promote clinical leadership and local ownership of the way health services are delivered.

Under the provisions of s.14Z16 of the NHS Act 2006 (as amended), NHS England has a statutory duty to conduct a performance assessment of each CCG and it does this through the assurance process.

The CCG assurance framework for 2015/16 sets out five components that reflect the key elements of a well led effective clinical commissioner and underpin assurance discussions between CCGs and NHS England, whilst identifying on-going ambitions for CCG development.

The components are:

  • Well-led organisations
  • Performance: delivery of commitments and improved outcomes
  • Financial management
  • Planning
  • Delegated functions, i.e. taking responsibility for commissioning GP services previously held by NHS England

Salford CCG was rated 'outstanding' for 2015/16 and commended in areas such as strong and robust leadership, involving and engaging patients and the public and getting best value for money. It is the only CCG in Greater Manchester rated 'outstanding' and the only CCG nationally to achieve 'outstanding' in three out of the five components of the framework.

CCG outstanding results

More information about the CCG Assurance Framework 2015/16.


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