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Patient life saved after just one symptom of lung cancer spotted

David Conway made a routine appointment to attend his annual health review after noticing that he "had a bit of a tickly cough but nothing persistent".

Mr Conway was assessed by Charelle Hughes, an Assistant Practitioner at Newbury Green Medical Practice in Salford, who spotted that, in addition to his cough, there were also signs of clubbing of the fingernails, which is a further sign of a respiratory disease or lung cancer.

Mr Conway’s case was escalated to his GP, who referred him to the hospital for further tests which confirmed that Mr Conway had early stage lung cancer. If cancer is spotted, diagnosed and treated early then lives can be saved.

Dr Chowdhury, GP at Newbury Green Medical Practice said ‘If someone gets a cough or has a shortness of breath for more than 3 or 4 weeks they should come and have a chat with their doctor of health care professional’.

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There are many types of cancer all which have various signs and symptoms. If you spot any of the following make an appointment to see your GP or health care professional. Early diagnosis and treatment can save lives.

  • Been coughing for 3 weeks or have been getting out of breath
  • Noticed blood in your pee
  • Noticed changes to your breasts and you’re over 70
  • Noticed blood in your poo
  • Felt bloated for 3 weeks or more
  • Noticed a change to your skin
  • Had heartburn for 3 weeks or more

For more information about cancer and the signs and symptoms to look out for visit NHS


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