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E-cig trial helps Salford's Joanne finally beat smoking

“I still can’t believe that I don’t smoke anymore. I never thought I’d be able to give up, but with the e-cig I cracked it. I can honestly say I won’t ever touch another cigarette.”

As an asthmatic, shopworker Joanne Wood knew that she needed to give up smoking. But after several failed attempts when her cravings got the better of her she didn’t think she would ever do it.

Then she had an opportunity to take part in a pioneering trial which saw one thousand Salford smokers receive an e-cigarette to try out.

With a few reservations – she had previously purchased an e-cig to go on holiday and she hadn’t got on with it - she gave it a go. And since February Joanne, 52, has counted herself as a non smoker.

“It was different this time”, said Joanne “I received lots of support from the stop smoking service in Salford. Everything from how to use the e-cig properly, through to knowing that I had support available if I was having a difficult day. It made the difference.

“It was honestly easier than I thought it ever would be. I started sleeping and breathing better within a couple of weeks, and now I can actually walk upstairs without getting out of the breath!

“My one blip was when I forgot to bring my e-cig to work with me and I grabbed a cig from a colleague to smoke at breaktime. I had it but it made me feel sick, and that’s when I knew I wouldn’t ever smoke again.”

Joanne Wood

She added: “My advice to anyone struggling to give up smoking is to try again, because this might be the time you finally do it. With me the e-cig was what I needed, other people might prefer the patches, or the gum, there are loads of ways.

“Just work out what’s going to be best for you, take any help that’s available to you and go for it. Honestly if I can do it anyone can.”


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