Health and Wellbeing Board

Our vision for a healthier Salford by 2016

Salford CCG is a member of Salford's Health and Wellbeing Board, which is a partnership between local government, the NHS, voluntary sector, business sector and the people of Salford. Members include local GPs, senior officers from Salford City Council, Greater Manchester Police and Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust. You can read more about the Board and all its members via www.partnersinsalford.orgImage: External Icon

What exactly do we mean by "health and wellbeing"? We usually understand health is about our physical state, and being healthy means having a good physical state. Wellbeing is about how we feel about ourselves in our world. If someone has a good sense of wellbeing it means they are feeling happy, feeling good about themselves and feeling life is worthwhile.

The Health and Wellbeing Board is responsible for publishing the Joint Health And Wellbeing Strategy. This identifies a clear set of priorities which will guide how we commission health and wellbeing services between now and 2016.

The Vision

  • We want to improve the lives of the citizens of Salford - improving health, wellbeing and removing health inequalities. We will create an integrated system of support services that responds to local needs and gains public trust
  • We believe that prevention is better than cure and that by helping people to help themselves we can improve their lives and the long-term health of the population

The scale of our ambition

  • To improve life expectancy in Salford so that the gap between Salford and the UK average is reduced
  • To improve health and wellbeing at every stage of life

How we will achieve our ambition - we will: 

  • Work with and involve the people of Salford
  • Support local communities to promote their own health and wellbeing
  • Address inequality
  • Ensure that health and wellbeing is everyone's responsibility
  • Promote partnership and 'joining up' of services
  • Focus on prevention and early intervention throughout life
  • Encourage quality, innovation and evidence-based work

We have three priorities:

Ensure all children have the best start in life and continue to develop well during their early years, with a particular focus on: 

  • Outcome 1a: Promoting healthy weight at primary school age, in targeted schools.
  • Outcome 1b: Increasing breastfeeding initiation.
  • Outcome 1c: Reducing teenage conceptions with a particular focus on hotspot wards.

Local residents achieve and maintain a sense of wellbeing by leading a healthy lifestyle supported by resilient communities, with a particular focus on:

  • Outcome 2a: Provide more effective joined up systems and services to support the wellbeing of people who are vulnerable 
  • Outcome 2b: Positively influence individual and neighbourhood health and wellbeing 
  • Outcome 2c: Communities have the resilience to respond to and manage local community issues for wellbeing 

All local residents can access quality health and social care and use it appropriately, with a particular focus on: 

  • Outcome 3a: Timeliness of access to services 
  • Outcome 3b: Ensuring people feel supported to manage their condition 
  • Outcome 3c: Enhanced quality of life for carers 

Useful documents: 

  • To read Salford's Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy, please click here
  • To read a summary of the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy, please click here
  • To read the work plans for the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy, please click here