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Apply for the innovation fund 2018-19

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NHS Salford CCG is pleased to announce the launching of its 2018-19 Innovation Fund with a total fund value of £1.4m.

The Innovation Fund Call will look to fund the testing and development of innovative healthcare products, services and clinical practices that aim to improve the experience and outcomes of patients.

Applications are sought which align to the following NHS Salford CCG strategy group innovation priorities.

Integrated Community Based Care

  • Population Health / Preventative Health (immunisation and screening)
  • Self-care / Self-management - including supporting patients / patient groups
  • Early detection of disease i.e. cancer  or early detection of exacerbation of LTC
  • Safer Care Homes

Children’s and Young People

  • Engagement with parents / carers to support their understanding of the health needs of children and young people, priority will be given to initiatives targeting the following health needs: emotional health & wellbeing / mental health, children with disabilities and speech, language and communication needs.
  • Maximising independence into adulthood for vulnerable children and young people (14-25yrs)
  • Learning  Difficulties (Autism, ADHD)
  • Service Transitioning (Childhood & Adolescence)

Medicines Optimisation

  • Improving medicines safety
  • Improving patients getting better outcomes from their medicines
  • Reducing medicines waste
  • Improving medicines reconciliation at transfers of care
  • Reducing harms from medicines
  • Improving antibiotic stewardship
  • Reducing inappropriate antibiotic use
  • Improving medicine use in care homes

Mental Health

  • A “front door” mental health service that aims to support people in a holistic, asset-based way to building on people’s strengths, skills, interests and connections within communities.
  • Preventative service to provide early support that is delivered to a larger population and therefore reduces demand for more intensive interventions.

Urgent and Emergency Care

  • Support to ensure patients appropriately access the right urgent care services for the right care i.e. targeted communication / education / feedback on appropriate use of urgent care system.
  • Pathways or interventions that prevent A&E attendance or prevent ambulance conveyance or avoid admissions

Engagement & Experience

•      Think “Why A&E” Educating the public on using the right health service for their illness

•      Tackling Tooth Decay and Obesity in Children & Young People

•      Suicide Prevention Awareness

•      Citizen’s Voice – Localities health engagement platform

Successful candidates will also need to be able to demonstrate that their submissions have relevance to, or impact on the Salford Locality Plan: Click here for further details.

Initial applications should be made via the application form and submitted to  Applications will be assessed and scored

  • Those shortlisted following initial application will be invited to a “Market Place” Event where you will have an opportunity to meet commissioners, strategy group members, patients and wider stakeholders.
  • Those that are shortlisted following the Market Place Event will be invited to present their proposals to an Innovation Fund Panel. This panel provides an independent and final review of all bids and will make a final decision.Please note that the decision of this panel is final and there are no mechanisms for appeal.   

Please note funding will only be paid to organisations, not to individuals. Subject to due diligence, those that are successful will be notified in September 2018. 

Please note that successful projects will need to be delivered within a 12-month timescale.

The Innovation Fund Locality Call for applications is open now. Applications must be submitted by 5pm on 8th June 2018

How to apply to the Innovation Fund?