Accessible information

The Equality Act became law in October 2010 and covers all protected characteristics groups, one of which is disability. The Act places a legal duty on all service providers to take steps or make “reasonable adjustments” in order to avoid putting a person living with disabilities at a substantial disadvantage when compared to a person who is not disabled. 


Practices will be expected to: 


  • Your practice should make reasonable adjustments for those with protected characteristics

  • If needed, your practice should request information from Salford CCG, for example a film translated into sign language

  • If you need an interpreter, one should be provided

  • If you need pictures and symbols to help understand information, this should be provided

  • If you, or your carer, need information in a particular format or delivered in a certain way, this should be recorded on your notes

  • Your practice should make sure that there are different ways patients can give feedback on how they receive information

  • Your practice should comply with the Accessible Information Standard

  • Provide longer appointment times, where necessary