What do we mean by ‘safeguarding’?

Safeguarding means protecting children and vulnerable adults from harm, abuse and neglect.

The welfare of the adults and children who come into contact with the services Salford CCG commissions - either directly or indirectly - is of the utmost importance. All our staff have a responsibility to ensure our services are providing high quality, safe, effective care.


How do we safeguard in Salford?

Salford CCG helps to safeguard by:

  • Putting safeguarding is at the forefront of service planning
  • Ensuring executive level CCG membership of both Salford Safeguarding Children and Adult Boards
  • Having senior CCG membership on the Health and Wellbeing Board, Children and Young People’s Trust and Local Safeguarding Board Subgroups
  • Working in partnership with the Local Authorities to make sure the integrated services we provide meet the needs of the local population, including specialist services for vulnerable groups
  • Have designated nurse and doctors in post to offer professional expertise and advice around safeguarding children and looked after children matters
  • A designated nurse in post to offer professional expertise and advice around adult safeguarding matters
  • Ensuring that safeguarding children and adult strategies and associated policies are in place within the CCG and for the services we commission
  • Holding the providers of services to account by regular review of safeguarding arrangements


If you have concerns that a child is being abused, please call the Salford Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub on 0161 603 4500. Or, if you have concerns that a vulnerable adult is being abused, call the Adult Contact Centre on 0161 909 6517, 8.30am–4.30pm, Monday to Friday.


In an emergency, outside of these hours contact the Emergency Duty Team (EDT) on 0161 794 8888 or, if a child or adult is in immediate danger, contact the police on 999.


Organisations in Salford have worked together to develop The Salford Multi Agency Safeguarding Procedures and Guidance for Adults and Children, these can be found on the following websites: -


Adults: -

Children: -